NEW SHORT TERM RENTAL: Dos Suites Overlooking the Lap Pool!

New short term rentals offer two suites to choose from, one up and one down. On the Jardin in the center of Mineral de Pozos.

Dos Suites Bed and Breakfast in Mineral de Pozos dos-suites-pool-patio dos-suites-upstairs-4Both with king size beds, ceiling fans, screened windows, gas fireplaces, white interiors with white tile bathrooms.Dos Suites for Rent in Mineral de Pozos dos-suites-2

Each has shower. Downstairs has bath/shower. Purified water throughout. Suites are in back of property for privacy. Rooms are 2300 pesos per night.Dos Suites B & B in Mineral de Pozos with Lap Pool dos-suites-downstairs-bath Breakfast included! Swimming welcome as well. We do not heat the water in the winter though…it is solar heated in the warmer months.

Photos here include the Jardin and surroundings. If you come for real estate viewing, first night stay is refunded back to you on any purchase.pozos real estate

Both suites have 100% white cotton sheets. And white towels too! Owners live in front of the house. Suites are around the corner and to the back. Not connected to the house. Safe and secure. 12 foot ceilings. Solar hot water. Gas fireplaces.

pozos real etsatemineral de pozosJardin in mineral de pozos

Go to contact link to inquire.