International Living in Mexico? Ask and Answer Here!

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Leave your questions in the comments below and I will reply! Or, send privately on contact page. My name is Elizabeth and I moved here from the Midwest with family. Six years now…I am seasoned! kelly cowboy daynada

In the comments section below, ask away!  Buying and living abroad, full or part time, requires planning and lots of Q & A.

Common concerns include: Is good health care available (Mexico is #2 in the world in medical tourism behind Thailand)? What is internet service like? can I bring my car into Mexico? Should I move my things to Mexico or buy new there? Is if safe?? (Number one concern) Can I function without speaking Spanish? Is money safe in banking system? If I buy property, is closing secure and what are costs? Will I receive a title? Is there title insurance? Can I receive a social security check to a Mexican bank? And more…

Bottom line, international living is an adventure. A good attitude and a thirst for life are critical. Moving to ANY foreign place is not easy. Paradigms will be breached and frustration will arise. This is NORMAL. Adventure is not for everyone and some people leave after a few years of constant strife. For many though, the experience is eye-opening and rewarding and going back to the old life is out of the question.

I refer to our new life now as ‘an international lifestyle’.  I view financing differently. I look at other places to travel with an exotic approach and lack of fear. My kids are all fluent and confident and unafraid to travel and experience life. Busting up old and tired ways can be creatively and emotionally stimulating. They say learning a new language helps keep you young and healthy. Or at least present and on your toes all the time! It has been my opinion since moving here and researching the global situation, that Mexico is also a great place to diversify and protect your wealth. Options exist here easily which do not exist in many parts of the world. For one, Hugo Salinas has made sure Mexico has silver coins in circulation (and gold coins trade here daily too). Confiscation is not likely in Mexico. But legally, can occur in the USA at any time, and likely will occur in other parts of the world by corrupt government activity.

Real estate is the only non-reportable asset for Americans currently. Americans can enjoy over $100K in tax free reporting if residency is established in Mexico as well (consult an international CPA for more information).

The cost of living in Mexico is less. Food is cheaper. Insurance is cheaper. Labor is cheaper. Building is different and can be more affordable as well if done correctly.  Property taxes yearly are less than an airline ticket to Houston from Mexico City! And airfare to the US is affordable.

Food for thought…ask away!!! Leave your comments and questions about international living in Mexico below and I will reply promptly.